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About Ami Probashi

Ami Probashi is a digital platform that guides and assists aspiring migrants with all the necessary information and services. Ami Probashi is working relentlessly to become the 'One-Stop Solution' by making the entire migration system more economical, transparent, and reliable for aspiring migrants. Besides, the platform is also working to ensure certain services for the migrants abroad.

Ami Probashi offers services presently like:
• BMET registration
• Priority vaccination for aspiring migrants
• Legitimate jobs abroad
• Communication with the recruiting agencies (RA)
• Applying to TTCs training courses for free
• Details regarding passport offices, recruiting agencies, DEMOs, medical centers, and Bangladeshi embassies etc.
Besides, we also offer a 24/7 help center for our users.

No. Ami Probashi authority never posts jobs by themselves. All the job posts in the platform are published by government approved recuiting agencies. Ami Probashi usually works as a bridge between the candidate and the recruiter.

No. Ami Probashi authority doesn't assure any confirmation of successful placement for anyone in any job.

No. Ami Probashi has no direct relationship with the Surokkha authority. Anyone going abroad may complete BMET registration using the Ami Probashi app, ensuring priority vaccine enrollment in the Surokkha app.

Passport Verification

Full name, Date of birth, Father's name, Mother's name, Spouse's name (if any), Passport number, Passport issue date, Passport expiry date, gender, present and permanent address

No. Details must be in english to verify your passport

Both the photo and the personal detail and emergency contact pages

No. Please renew your passport for BMET registration.

We will verify it. If there is a spouse’s name in the passport, we need to match it accordingly.

All information should be entered in English. We verify
• District to District
• Upazilla/Thana to Upazilla/Thana
• Village/Area to Village/Area
• Union/Ward to Union/Ward (If any)
• Road to Road (if any)
• House no to House no (if any)

Please re-register with a clear image of your passport, including the photo and the personal detail and emergency contact pages, and fill up the form in English with the correct information.

Recruiting Agency

Only government approved recruiting agencies post jobs on our platform and are also part of our location services.

You should contact government authorized recruiting agencies through the Ami Probashi app after completing your BMET registration. You will find all recruiting agencies' information in the Ami Probashi app. Most recruiting agencies are based in Dhaka.

You can directly send a message to a particular recruiting agency after applying for a job posted by them in the 'Search for jobs' option. Besides, you can contact government approved recruiting agencies from the list using their address and email ID.

Only pay your government approved recruiting agent after your job is confirmed - meaning, you will have your visa and smart card with you.

Do not pay anyone else other than the government approved agency. Avoid unauthorized brokers and contact agencies directly through Ami Probashi.

There are no specific guidelines. It may vary based on country, job, and other requirements. Please get in touch with your recruiting agency to know in detail.

You can go abroad via Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited (BOESL) agency. For more details, visit their website. or contact them at 71-72, Eskaton Garden, Probashi Kallyan Bhaban(4th Floor), Dhaka-1000.

Recruiting agencies receive the candidates' credentials once they apply for their desired job using the app's 'Search a job' option. Recruiting agencies contact their suitable candidates later on for further processing. You may also contact them directly. Ami Probashi doesn't bear any responsibility for ensuring a candidate's job or any other matter.

Employment Legalities

A standard employment contract tells you about salary, working hours, overtime allowance, travel expenses, medical facilities, food and accommodation facilities, weekly and annual holidays, and other working conditions written in English.

An employment contract can be 1~3 years long. However, it can be renewed further depending on the employer's demand.

Female Bangladeshi workers can go only to those countries having agreements with the Bangladesh Government. But there are few exceptions. Countries taking the highest number of female workers are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Kuwait.

Generally, you will get your work permit/Akama when you reach your employing country. But there are few exceptions to a prior issuance of employment contracts.

It depends on your employer and the employment contract.

If you face any issues at the Airport, go to the expatriate welfare desk or take the help of APBN (Armed Police Battalion).

While you stay abroad

• Medicines with a doctor's prescription
• Disclosed electronic gadgets
• Food items that are allowed by customs authorities
• Necessary clothing Any passenger can carry weighing up to 65 kilograms, and they will not have to pay any extra tax for this. Also, another 35 kilograms of dresses, personal items, books, and study materials can be carried without taxes.

Yes, you can renew or apply for a new passport while staying abroad. Contact the High Commission or Consulate of Bangladesh in said country.

Please report it to the nearest police station and inform your nearest Bangladesh embassy or consulate.

Generally, you cannot change or switch jobs while in an employment contract, but after completing the contract, you can renew the term or switch your job. Sometimes it also may require your employer's consent.

COVID 19 Vaccination

To register for COVID 19 vaccines, immigrant workers must follow three steps outlined below:
1. Install the Ami Probashi app from Finish your registration and subsequently confirm the BMET number.
2. After the BMET registration, complete the vaccine registration by logging into the Surokkha app from
3. Confirm your vaccine appointment time and other required details such as passport number to the Surokkha app. Note: COVID 19 vaccination is prioritized with BMET registration. N.B. Direct registration for COVID vaccination is not possible through the Ami Probashi app.


You can send money legally by using government approved banking channels.

Complete the entire application process (four steps). Then wait until your enrolment has been confirmed. Then you will be able to make payment.


Without proper training and skills, you will not get your desired job.